Changing State

London (2014)
The Nursery

New Slang Productions and The Lonely Londoners joined together to produce a night of short monologues and a gallery of artistic responses to Tian Glasgow’s play Changing State and its themes of isolation, confusion and low self-esteem amongst young people in the UK.

CHANGING STATE is a darkly comic coming-of-age drama set in inner city London. Three of the characters cling to the hope that the uncertainty and confusion of adolescence will clear but having returned from university one of them knows that it is a long road. The play is inspired by the BBC’s 2011 documentary ‘Poor Kids’ and is even more relevant two years later with the news reports that that the difficulties for teenagers are really taking their toll. The character’s real struggle is with their own self-esteem as the emotional toll of the recession and the media’s portrayal leave them feeling helpless. As they navigate the pitfalls of modern life, they must realise that mistakes big and small are the only way forward. 


Featured Artists: 

Cecile Emeke
Bekke Popoola
Croydon Nitty