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L.A Rebellion Closing

For the closing of the L.A. Rebellion series we have invited artist Ben Caldwell and Roger Guenveur Smith to develop an expanded performance drawing on their collaborative practice. The evening will feature the UK premiere of Roger Guenveur Smith’s acclaimed solo performance Rodney King devised not long after King’s death in 2012 and exploring the past and present of racism in America.

The powerful performance will build on past collaborations with Ben Caldwell stemming from their multimedia project KAOS TV1991 produced in response to the media’s reaction to the video of Rodney King’s beating by members of the Los Angeles Police Department in 1991. Featuring musical passages by Marc Anthony Thompson and framed by Caldwell’s multiple projection pieceSpaces Looking In Looking Out conceived in collaboration with Roger Guenveur Smith in 1985 and Caldwell’s extensive archive assembled for his 1983 video collage Babylon is Falling.

Ben Caldwell and Roger Guenveur Smith have collaborated on a series of politically-charged multimedia performances since the early 1980s in parallel to Caldwell’s activities with the KAOS network and the seminal Project Blowed the longest-running hip hop collective in USA. The performance will speak to the current American moment and closes a thematic and tragic circle which was first drawn with the early collaborations between Caldwell and Smith and articulated in such titles as March of Progress,Endurance and United States of Emergency. This event is realised in collaboration Tate Collectives London and will feature additional guest performances by members of The A & The E as well discussion with Rianna Jade Parker and music by Kareem Reid of The Lonely Londoners.


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