Crossing The Black Atlantic

London (2015)
Photofusion Studio

During the summer preceding The Lonely Londoners made a temporary move to New York for three months with intentions to build real transnational connections with other Black and POC artists. Our contrasting expressions of self and nation emboldened the fact that sometimes we simply do not recognise each other.

Typically the Atlantic is seen as the space that separates two sides of our respective Diasporas – one side a site of departures and the other of arrivals. When in fact we exist equally in different origins, traditions and influences but also in the commonality of these same things. If we are not related by blood then at least by the process.

In collaboration with photojournalist, Adriana Monsalve and filmmaker, Javier Canaval-Saavedra we hope this series of work inspires new relationships through memory and experience to produce our best work, which is our artistry and intellectual property.