Queenies,  Fades & Blunts

New York (2014)
Freeman Space

QFB* is a multi-platform project focused on queering barbershops, hair salons and other beauty spaces. This project will address ideas of beautification and how that process is experienced socially, culturally and politically. This is a collaborative effort between The Lonely Londoners, Quilombo, Mojuicy, Papi Juice and Khaleb Brooks.

Born out of our desire to participate in an international exchange between POC creatives and artists. We were lucky to connect with others who are progressive and inclusive culture producers. By sharing our understandings and ideas an organic partnership was formed. Celebrated the closing of the show with an after party hosted by Papi Juice in Brooklyn and with the production of a digital zine featuring submissions from our community.


Featured Artists:

Khaleb Brooks
Kareem Reid